Ready to sign up for classes? Head over to the scheduling page at You can also sign up for field rental there. If you’d like to schedule a private lesson, please email me at and I’ll help you find a time that works for you.

Our location is a beautiful field located off of Hwy 14 (E Mulberry St) about 8 minutes east of I-25. The exact address will be provided with enrollment confirmation.

Class Descriptions:

All classes are six weeks long unless noted.

Agility Foundations (4 weeks) – Interested in trying out the sport of agility with your dog? This class will provide you with an intro to the basics of this fun sport, including tricks to learn necessary agility skills, and ways to enhance your dog’s fitness and confidence.
Prerequisite: Completed at least a Level 2 (non-agility) class with Summit Dog Training or Instructor Approval

Agility Level 1 (Beginner) – If you have completed Agility Foundations, or previously trained in agility, this class is the next step in a new agility dog’s training journey! You and your dog will learn basic jumping skills, be introduced to several of the agility obstacles, and work on training exercises that will get you off to the best possible start in the sport of agility.
Prerequisite:  Completed Agility Foundations or Instructor Approval

Agility Level 2 (Contacts and Weaves) – You and your dog will be introduced to the A-frame, dog-walk, and teeter, and weave poles, along with short sequences to practice and advance your handling skills. Dogs will learn obstacle commitment and jumping technique, and begin to work off-leash if appropriate. 
Prerequisite: Completed Agility Level 1 or Instructor Approval

Agility Level 3 (Sequencing and Handling) – We’ll put together all the handling skills you’ve learned in Levels 1 and 2 such as front/rear/blind crosses, wraps, and backsides, and incorporate those into longer sequences which may also include contacts and weaves. Dogs do not have to have “finished” weave poles to take this class. Dogs will need to be able to work off-leash. This class will often be taken more than once.
Prerequisite: Agility Level 2 or Instructor Approval

Agility Level 4 (Pre-Competition Agility) – This class is for students who are considering competition or preparing to compete. You will work on longer sequences as well as more advanced handling skills. Dogs should have solid contact obstacle criteria and be reliably weaving 6-12 poles. You will also learn how to enter a competition and when to know if you are ready to compete.
Prerequisite: Completed Agility Level 3 or Instructor Approval

Agility Level 5 (Competition Agility) – This class is for students competing with their dog, trialing at the Novice level or higher. You will continue to work on handling skills and run longer sequences and Advanced or Masters level courses, breaking them into shorter sequences to fine-tune skills.
Prerequisite: Completed Agility Level 4 or Instructor Approval